Who am I?

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Written by Katie


“Who am I?”

If you started singing either Snoop Dogg or Beenie Man as you read the title, then we are totally about to be besties! If you didn’t, it’s ok – I’m sure we’ll find other common ground.

Seriously though, musical preferences aside for now.

I’ve gone through life always feeling like I could do anything and sometimes (m’kay, a lot of the time) ending up doing nothing. 

I’ve felt lazy, demotivated, ungrateful and just plain immature. Often.

And then something weird happened. I had a mini existential crisis (as one does) and accidentally stumbled into the world that is life coaching. Through that wonderful lens I started to see myself as I am, not how I think I ought to be.

I am:

A Scanner

Multi interested

A Generalist

Multi faceted

A Polymath

A Multi-potentialite

A Renaissance Woman 

I am Multi-passionate

Finding out there were terms for people like me was the beginning of this whole experience of devouring information and claiming my place on this planet.

I went from feeling like I was indecisive and couldn’t stick with things to realising that my love of learning and desire to excel in different areas is a blessing and not a curse. 

That my journey from lawyer to banker to property developer to cookery school owner to restaurant owner to consultant with twenty plus years marriage and parenting experience thrown into the mix for good measure (phew!) is a love letter to me embracing the golden thread that runs through my life of liking different things. 

I really, really like different things. I like learning different things, I like experiencing different things and I like doing different things.

Which brings me to my current incarnation .

Who am I?

I am the coach that is going to help you find your golden thread of all your passions and different things. Together we’ll design your best life as the awesomely adept person that you are!

Are you up for it?

I’d love to hear your multi-passionate origin stories.

Join me over on the socials, comment below, send me a message, whatever floats your boat – I look forward to hearing from you!

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