What’s your next multi-passionate move?

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Written by Katie


Congratulations, you’re multi-passionate!

Ummmm, so what happens next?

Yeah I know, it’s pretty annoying that simply knowing something doesn’t magically answer all of your major life questions. There are still so many questions. What should I study? Which job should I take? Should I really marry this person? What precisely is retirement?

Stay with me, I’m actually making a point within all that randomness.

The point is: while identifying as multi-passionate is great, you still need to put in some work.

You still have to move from knowing it to embracing it. Then weaving it into the fabric of your existence to design your unique masterpiece of a life.

The life where you have clarity on who you are and what you want. The life where you have the confidence and commitment to follow through from designing it to living it.

That’s not always an easy journey.

In fact, that’s where a lot of us feel stuck.

Not because we don’t have options but because we have several that seem viable. Then we’re paralysed at the prospect of making the wrong choice. Or of making a choice but then constantly second guessing it and living an unfulfilled life.

For me, this is where the beauty of the coaching relationship shines through.

What if we started to see things in terms of “and” rather than “or”? What if we could do x AND y AND z rather than x or z or y? Or maybe even x then y then z?

Sometimes we are so constrained by our own perceptions, perspectives and experiences that we can’t clearly see the alternatives.

Coaching can act as a lamp that shines a light to help you see all the various paths that are available to you. It then helps light your way as you take steps in your desired directions.

It’s a safe space that allows you to explore your ideas without judgment.

You set the agenda, you decide the outcome, you set the pace.

Your coach supports you while acting as confidant, truth teller, cheerleader and sounding board.

Together, you and your coach become expertly unstuck from your present and work towards becoming the most awesomely adept version of yourself.

So what’s next? Get moving – embrace and live all your passions, interests and curiousities.

If you’re ready to make those changes or want to know more, book a free chat with me to talk about what’s possible.

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