What exactly is holistic coaching?

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Written by Katie


I get asked this a lot.

Not surprisingly since I’m a Holistic Life Design Coach.

People want to know what I mean by holistic, what my secret sauce is and why it’s different from any other type of life coaching.

If we’re going to be totally accurate, I’m officially a Whole Person Certified Coach.

What does that actually mean?

Before I get into it, in the interests of transparency, this is actually a soft sales pitch masquerading as an article. But it’s also informative, so as you were!

A great way to answer that is to tell you what Whole Person coaching not.

It’s not solution or performance-oriented, and it’s not autocratic.

If you’re looking for a solve for a specific problem like how to implement a social media strategy for your small business, or how to be a better fiction writer, you can find a specific coach to help you arrive at that goal.

You could take a course, but coaching will be more focused on finding the right fit solution for you.

It’s not focused on one aspect of who you are.

It’s not solely about your health, or your mindset, or mindfulness.

It is (in my opinion) better than all those things.

In a nutshell, it hinges on the belief that everything in your life is interrelated.

I’ll be the one coaching you through why it’s important to you to reach the outcome that you desire, whether the conditions in the rest of your life are optimal to support that outcome, how to overcome any obstacles you perceive, and what experience you can draw on to help you achieve it amongst other things.

Different, right?

I make no distinction between what you want in terms of your health versus what you want for your career.

It’s all about you. Your mind, your body, and your spirit. You as a whole person.

The primary focus is to increase your sense of well-being and satisfaction with who and where you are in your life and to integrate all of who you are into your way of life. (Side note: integration, not balance — I’m not a fan of that term, but that’s a discussion for a different day)

It’s more about your way of being than what exactly you’re doing.

It’s about helping you realise your maximum potential in the things and ways that matter most to you. Helping you awaken to the possibilities that exist for you when you embrace your limitlessness.

It does have tangible benefits and for my core clientele of multi-passionates, those tend to be:

Radical clarity on the life they want to live;

Improved satisfaction in their relationships, careers, community and selves;

Deeper self-trust from the identification and reframing of limiting beliefs and patterns;

The increased ability to set goals, follow-through, and achieve them;

Better financial security;

Lowered stress levels and improved overall health.

So who could benefit most from Whole Person coaching?

Anyone who is in a transitional stage in their life and is looking for transformation. With a few caveats, of course. I outlined those in this Medium article:

Honestly, it’s rough out there.
I’m going to give you a few pointers that will hopefully help you narrow down your d

Hopefully I managed to shed some light on holistic life coaching for you!

OK, here comes the sales stuff!

If you’d like to know more and think Whole Person Coaching is for you, you can get hold of me for a free Catalyst Conversation here.

If you’re curious but not keen to commit yet to a full coaching relationship, I developed a short course called Awesomely Aligned that allows you to walk yourself through a similar process to the one I use with my clients in the discovery stages of our relationship.

If you’d like to watch me geek out about coaching and my multi-passionate people, there’s video evidence of it right here:

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