I’m Katie

Holistic Life Design Coach for the multi-passionate.

Forget one true path or calling, design a life that embraces ALL of who you are!

Holistic Life Design Coaching

Tired of your current reality not giving what it’s meant to give? Of being seen as “flaky” or “non-committal” because you haven’t found or stuck with “your thing”? Of your bank balance, clout and relationships not reflecting who you know (or suspect) you truly are? Ready to see if there is a way to pull together all of your unique passions and experiences to design a life that better reflects your awesomeness? Lucky for you, that’s my specialty!

Start the adventure that is your transformation….

Say Hello to the A.D.E.P.T Coaching Model

ACTIVATE your awareness

DEFINE your dreams

EXPLORE your perceived obstacles

PLOT your path

TAKE transformative steps

 What is the A.D.E.P.T Coaching Model?

Why, thank you for asking! It’s the signature model that I’ll be using with you to create your transformation.

The beauty of this model is that all the tools, techniques and processes I use have been selected specifically with people who are multi-passionate in mind while also being highly customisable to meet your unique needs and the specific outcomes you’re looking for.

ACTIVATE your awareness

In this first stage of the model we will get to know who you really are. 

We’ll look at your life across 12 different areas and using multiple tools and lenses.

This allows you to see your current reality from multiple perspectives. 

We’ll look for and identify the golden threads that run through your multiple passions and curiosities.You’ll get to identify the things you truly value, what’s working for you, what your strengths are and the things that light you up. 

You’ll become amazingly clear about what is and isn’t working in your life as well as which things in your life are non-negotiable and which are nice-to-have.

This step is all about the core of who you are and your way of being.

DEFINE your dreams

Too often we’re constrained by a sense of what we “should” do or what is “possible” which stops us from tapping into what we truly want to do in our careers, relationships and so on.

This step is where, using a combination of visualisation and dream state techniques we temporarily throw out all the woulds, coulds and shoulds. We allow your imagination free rein to picture your ideal future across the multiple life areas we covered in the Activate stage taking into account the values, strengths, passions and curiosities we identified as important to you.

The only rule in this stage is that there are no rules!

EXPLORE your perceived obstacles

Remember that sense of constraint we talked about that sometimes stops us from truly dreaming? Particularly the belief that success in any area of our life needs to be achieved in a singular manner?

This is the step where we tackle those perceived constraints more sustainably.

We take a deep look at the beliefs, behaviours, internal and external conflicts and habits that are stopping you from being limitless and begin the work to unblock those to set you up for success. And yes, there are tools for this step too!

PLOT your path

By this stage, we have a crystal clear picture of what your life currently looks like and a dream of an ideal, multi-passionate future. We know what’s historically stopped you and are now operating from a limitless mindset of awesomeness.

This step brings to life the practical. It’s where together we build the bridge that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s all about setting goals and putting in place plans that make sense to you.

TAKE transformative steps

It’s time to take this show on the road! In this step you’ll be taking action, tracking your progress and also learning how to maintain your momentum. By the end of our time together we’ll be celebrating all the successes you’ve racked up so far, looking forward to those that are on the horizon and your new Awesomely Adept self.

About Me

Hi there!

My name is Katie and I’m a multi-passionate, consistently curious, lifelong learner.

I spent forever trying really hard to find my “one true calling” and went through a ton of different hats.

I know first-hand how frustrating that journey can be and how it can feel like you’ll never be like all those other people who have managed to find their thing or have been doing the same thing their whole lives and loving it.

Serendipity (and research) led me to an understanding that I’m not broken, in fact – I’m pretty dang awesome and so are you!

So now, as a Whole Person Certified Coach®, I help people like me (and you!) find the clarity and confidence to own all of their experiences, passions and curiosities and use them to design and build a life that reflects and celebrates them in their entirety.

Transformation Packages

Awesomely Aligned

A 7 week self study program delivered right into your inbox.

From Apprehensive to Adept

A 10 week multimedia group coaching program that accelerates your transformation by tapping into the collective of a community.

From Default to Design

A 12 week personalised one on one coaching program using our A.D.E.P.T coaching model, designed specifically for and with you to guide you through the process of deep self discovery into the creation of your desired life.

Embrace all your passions. Find your joy.

Design your life.