How well do you know yourself (not asking for a friend)?

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Written by Katie


I know, it sounds silly. 

After all, you’ve lived with yourself for years and nobody knows you like you do. 

Why do you need to spend any more time on it?


And yet, one of the single most rewarding takeouts for me as a coach is watching my clients flourish and have the clarity and confidence to take their next life steps because they have taken the time to get to know themselves deeply and truly.

I’m going to share with you the process we go through that helps them get there. 

Maybe (hopefully) it’ll give you some deeper insight into yourself as well.

So let me explain the method to my particular brand of madness.

In it for the long haul

Firstly, I don’t take clients on a short-term contract. If you’re working with me, you’re committing to giving yourself 12 weeks to transform your life.

You may have a very specific problem that you want a quick fix for and we’ll get to it but you’re sticking with this thing for 12 weeks.


Because I don’t believe that there’s a silver bullet for transformation, whether you’re trying to shift your body, your mind, or your habits. I do not subscribe to 30-day sprints or challenges. 

While they may cause some quick changes, I’m in the business of helping you create lasting, radical change.

According to published research, it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit (also known as automaticity, also known as ingrained, lasting change). 

The majority of participants in that research study reached a level of habit at 84 days. 84 days is, of course, 12 weeks, so that’s why 12 weeks is my magic number.

Told you coaching was based on science!

Deep discovery work

Secondly, we’ll be spending the first 4-6 weeks getting to know you. 

I like to call it getting you Awesomely Aligned – in agreement with yourself about the amazingly unique and gifted human being you are. 

Also, it’s called that because I’m slightly obsessed with alliteration and will use it shamelessly and at the slightest provocation.

Thirdly, it doesn’t matter what brought you to coaching. 

Whether it’s because you’re feeling burnt out at work, not sure about where you want your relationship to go, or struggling to adjust to a new country or city, we will be looking at your life holistically. 

In its entirety. 

Across 12 areas.

Why is that necessary you ask?

Again it’s because lasting change isn’t about tweaking a single aspect of your life but reconciling within yourself who you are, and from that place of deep knowing then having the clarity as to not only what changes to make, but how best to make those changes for you. 

The only way I feel you can achieve that alignment is by working with the whole person. 

Also, if you think of all the areas of your life as forming part of a spider web, then any issue or change in one area will automatically create a ripple or effect in another area. Because they’re all interrelated.

So here are the areas we look at in your life:

  • Love & Romance 
  • Occupation 
  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Wellbeing 
  • Learning & Growth 
  • Abundance 
  • Community 
  • Fun & Enjoyment 
  • Habitat
  • How time is spent
  • Achieving life goals 

Together we examine:

your levels of current satisfaction across all those life areas; 

what things you think would change that satisfaction; 

what your core values are;

what your archetypes and shadows are; 

what things motivate you;

what beliefs you may be holding that limit you and

what superpowers you have (what kind of Marvel fan would I be if that weren’t part of my process?).

If you already have answers to all those questions then congratulations, you’re amazingly self-aware and clearly know yourself very well.

But if some of those questions had you scratching your head and wondering, then, like the vast majority of us, you could maybe stand to get to know yourself a little bit better.

While this is, in part a totally shameless plug for the work that I do, I do honestly believe it can only make your life better.

Whether you take the journey solo, as a DIY process of self-discovery, as part of a group, or one on one with a coach, it’s definitely a journey I’d encourage you to take. 

You might just really like the you that you get to know.

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