How to overcome what tends to trip you up

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How I “know” what will trip you up

As unique as people are and as varied as the possible permutation of passions they can infuse in their lives, I’ve found multi-passionate people tend to share similar hurdles, obstacles and stumbling blocks. Basically I’ve noticed the same things tend to trip us up.

By far, the most common thing likely to trip you up ,in my experience, is being able to arrive at a point where you see yourself as you truly are and not as the world sees you.

One of my favourite quotes about humans and how we see ourselves is from sociologist Charles Horton Cooley:

“I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. 

I am what I think you think I am.”

Let that just simmer for a moment, it’s a big one.

Basically, our sense of identity comes from what we think other people think of us.

In relation to multi-passionate people, we often think that people think we’re flighty, non-committal, slackers, fickle, irresponsible and so on. 

Not great. 

You can’t really blame us though. That perspective is largely a result of living in a world that focuses heavily on having a “true calling”. The same world also tends to say your passions only count for something if they’re putting money in the bank or are on a grand scale that contributes to the greater good of humanity.

I disagree. Strongly. If you’ve come across any of my previous blog posts, I make that rather clear!

How can we fix it?

A really effective way of helping people get past the world’s perspective is by introducing them to meta learning.

The process of meta learning increases a person’s awareness of the habits that they’ve acquired over their lifetime.

It allows them to see and understand how those habits, as well as their thoughts and learning processes are as a result of all the perceptions, questions, growth and learning that they have internalised over time.

When used in conjunction with other self awareness tools, an in-depth examination of the internal stories we all hold as well as an exploration of limiting beliefs, I’ve seen clients go from a sense of hopelessness and not fitting in to embracing and celebrating the fact that they’re different and making space for that in their lives.

Career switches, improved relationships, increased senses of satisfaction are some of the things I’ve been honoured to witness. 

All those things became possible from getting past that perceptual stumbling block. By opening up to the possibilities that exist once we realise that the definitions we think other people have of us are, in fact, of no real consequence to who we truly are.

Basically, the truth of who you are will genuinely set you free!

If you’d like to continue the conversation, drop me a note, book a free call or leave a comment below.

What would you say was or is your biggest stumbling block?

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