Hi there, I’m Katie! 

And I’m here to coach you through your transformation.

My Story

Over the course of my adult life so far, I’ve navigated and facilitated moves with 1 husband and 3 children across 6 cities in 4 countries – moving house 12 times and schools 14.

As well as being a wife, mother, cheerleader, sounding board and domestic diva extraordinaire, I’ve been a:

  • Lawyer
  • Banker
  • Property developer
  • Freelance Copywriter
  • Specialty Cupcake Baker
  • Hospitality acquisitions explorer
  • Cookery school franchise owner and operator
  • Legal consultant and
  • Barbecue restaurant co-creator and manager

Despite enjoying all these things, through it all was this feeling of shame and guilt that I was straying from finding and living my “one true purpose”.

Normal, well-intentioned questions like “So what are you up to now?” “What do you do?” “How are you keeping yourself busy?” filled me with a sense of dread and the feeling that I was not really adulting the way I should.

Honestly? I had this deep fear that my life would be filled with short lived projects and at the end of it my report card would read “Did not apply herself, could have done better”. 

A sudden health scare that led to emergency surgery had me feeling like I was running out of time to get on with it.

So I did what I do when I’m unsure and I researched the heck out of it. Many (many!) hours, a few serendipitous moments and three life changing books later, I had a whole new realisation:

I was (as my kids would say) built different.

I was multi-passionate. (Knowing it was a “thing” brought me so much joy!)

Not only that, but there were ways of being that could allow me to create a life that encompassed ALL the things and throw out the concept of “my one thing”.

Mind. Officially. Blown!

I knew I wanted to help be a part of avoiding years of conflict, distress, frustration and overwhelm for others like me but I wasn’t quite sure how.

Then I discovered coaching and it was as if all the pieces of my life suddenly clicked into place.

That’s how Awesomely Adept was born.

It’s where I get to bring all of my experience, learnings, curiosity and passions to be your guide on your journey to finding your own puzzle piece click. Where you hopefully see that you’re immensely talented aka Awesomely Adept.

Things you should probably know

I believe that you can do multiple things and do them well.

Being multi-passionate (or multi-curious) is most definitely a thing.

I don't believe that everyone has one true calling, passion or purpose

Constantly choosing new things is a legitimate lifestyle and career choice and I am totally here for it. Once you get past the sound of your inner (and outer) critics, what awaits is the possibility of a limitless, dynamic life of thriving, not just surviving.

I believe strongly that pineapple belongs on pizza

That if you prefer DC over Marvel then we can’t be friends and that between humour and research you can solve most problems!

My Approach

Coaching is all about you. And when you has so many facets, passions and desires, things can get complex.

I get you though, and knowing what tends to work when dealing with the beautiful multiplicity that being multi-passionate brings, I’m able to adapt a variety of tools and processes and use my signature A.D.E.P.T Coaching Model to help you achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

Together we’ll do a deep dive into who you truly are, your most treasured hopes, values and abilities. The radical clarity you will achieve through this process guides you toward taking actions that are in full alignment with your particular awesomeness as well as your goals and dreams.

Whether those goals are related to career, health, relationships, wealth, spirituality, or a combination of all that and more, you are absolutely in the right place.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then please get in touch. I can’t wait to meet you!


Ready to get started creating your new, multi-passionate life?