I’m Katie

and I’m a Holistic Life Design Coach for multi-passionate, perpetually curious, “hate-to-be-boxed-in” seekers just like you.

Forget finding that “one true” passion, purpose or calling.


Find the clarity and confidence to design a thriving life that celebrates ALL of who you are!

Awesomely Aligned

If DIY is  one of your things, then this self study coaching program will help you identify, harness and leverage your unique strengths and outlook on life so you can begin to see what your best life could look like.

From Default to Design

This is where you really get to experience the transformative nature of coaching!  This one-on-one personalised program takes you on a deep dive into self-discovery, searches for the golden threads that are uniquely you and helps put all your puzzle pieces into place so you begin to create and live the life of your dreams.


From Apprehensive to Adept

 If you like group hangouts and know how much you could benefit from tapping into the collective wisdom of other people just like you as you put together your life puzzle then this group coaching program is ideal for you.

So…… what exactly is Whole Person Coaching®?

Fun fact: the word coach was historically used to mean an enclosed vehicle with four wheels in which people travelled.

So basically, coaching is the vehicle that we use to get you from Point A to Point B!

Continuing that analogy, Whole Person Coaching® embraces the idea that not only do you know your destination, but you’re also fully capable of designing and driving the vehicle to get you there – you just need a guide (no outsourcing necessary!)

It’s designed to provoke you to think and see things differently while also allowing you the space to decide where in your life you’d like to experience transformation.

This helps you to get a deeper understanding of who you really are at the core: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

With all that in place you genuinely get to know, embrace and express all the aspects of your entire self which in turn means you’re better positioned to thrive in any chosen aspect of your life. You become more confident in yourself and more creative with your resources, resulting in greater inner peace.

From our work together, you’ll come out more self-reflective, more aware of all the parts of your life and their inter-connectedness and more equipped to be highly effective in any aspect of your life, for the rest of your life.

OK, but how does it work?

The core thinking behind Whole Person Coaching® is based on four separate but connected fundamental principles.

Each principle on its own offers guidance and insight into some aspect of your current and future way of being.

Together they create a methodology that guides you to be able to recognise and gain a deeper understanding of what lies beneath the surface of your stumbling blocks.

This in turn allows you to figure out how best to create sustainable positive change in yourself propelling you on your journey to life fulfillment .


1. Wholeness

You are a whole, completely resourceful, unique and self-innovative individual who possesses everything you need within you to successfully create and navigate sustainable positive change.

As your Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

Witness, trust and respect you as a whole individual.

Engage all aspects of you mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual to tap into the knowledge and intuition that you already possess.

Invite you to recognise the interrelated nature of all the various areas of your life, and to examine the links and interactions between your relationships, career, identity, health, finances, and other motivating factors.

2. Empowerment

This is your transformation, so you lead the way.

As your Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

Always check in with you in terms of direction and feedback to make sure the coaching process is aligned with what you need and your desired outcomes.

Trust and allow you to solve your own problems and create your own opportunities.

Create a non-judgmental, life- and self-affirming space for you so that you feel safe to be your authentically true self and express yourself freely.

Always be curious, always start from a position of not-knowing and not hold any expectations about you, your process and/or your desired outcomes.

3. Synergy

We’re in this together and the power of two minds at work on your life creates exponential growth!

As your Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

Offer a highly collaborative, productive partnership that encourages your best self to shine as we build upon your strengths, resources, assets and personal power.

Be real and genuine in sharing any observations and perspectives that could create a positive impact while inviting you to do the same.

Be open, honest and compassionate and in so doing leverage the power of our coaching relationship to ensure you maximise your learning, growth and positive change.

4. Self Mastery

This is the ability to appreciate and understand the properties or forces that stimulate growth, development and change in the mind: the power of thought, positive thinking, the action process, the outcomes and results. in this case, however, we’re talking about my self mastery here in relation to you!

As your coach I’m devoted to learn, grow and offer you my very best self. You can count on me to:

Devote myself to continued self-development, including professional accreditation, advanced training, and lifelong learning (which is one of my things, so yay!). This is  to ensure that I’m consistently bringing my best to our interactions and coaching experience.

Effectively manage my own reactions and internal story so that I can be fully present and supportive of your needs.

Address any challenges or issues that could impact my ability to bring out my best in service to your needs with the best level of professional support.

About Me

Hi again!

I’m Katie and I’m a full-on multi-passionate, consistently curious, lifelong learner.

I know exactly how frustrating that journey can be and how it can feel like you’ll always be the “flaky”, “non-committal” or “I’m sure they’ll settle down eventually” one.

My path led me to coaching and now I’m a Whole Person Certified Coach®​ using my powers for good!

I help people like me find the clarity and confidence to own all of their passions and curiosities and use them to design and live a life that reflects and celebrates them in their entirety.

Ready to get started creating your new, multi-passionate life?